Sedation Options for Comfort

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Relax during your treatment

Sedation dentistry is a treatment option for surgical cases and for anxious patients who generally avoid the dentist. Conscious sedation, which helps patients relax and feel comfortable during procedures, is the form most often used. In some cases full anesthesia may be used.

Sedation Options for Comfort

Dr. Meserkhani’s team provides a range of ways to put you at ease for your procedure. As well as having all your questions answered, and the process thoroughly explained to you, you can relax and watch TV during your treatment. If you need additional assistance to be comfortable, the practice also provides IV sedation. You may feel in a sleep-like state, and can easily be awakened to respond to the doctor during the process.

Relieving dental phobias

The office is committed to providing the gentlest of care to all our patients, and want to be sure everyone who needs dental care feels comfortable receiving it. We work with patients who have previously avoided the dentist due to a variety of fears to help them relax and feel at ease during treatment.

IV Sedation

IV Sedation

Dr. Yarian is a board certified anesthesiologist with specialized training in dental anesthesia.

Also known as twilight sleep, IV sedation is administered to help lose your anxiety and feel less discomfort during a procedure. You’ll fall into a state of deep relaxation, yet remain conscious, and you’ll be able to both understand and respond to requests from your doctor.

IV sedation is our preferred method of sedation for longer procedures. IV sedation gives us a little more control over regulating your comfort and makes it possible to provide more treatment in one visit. The sedative is flushed out at the end of your procedure, so you can expect a fast recovery time.

Oral Sedation

Sometimes a small pill can make a big difference in the way you feel during a dental procedure. Oral sedation can help you feel quite calm and serene, while being completely awake. You won’t feel any discomfort and can communicate with us at any time.

We closely monitor you during any type of sedation to ensure the proper dosage and your complete comfort.

General Anesthesia

When patients have certain medical conditions, a high tolerance to sedatives, or are extremely anxious about receiving treatment, our associate medical anesthesiologist, Dr. Yarian provides general anesthesia. As an anesthesiologist, Dr. Yarian uses medications that are beyond the scope of sedation dentistry.

Unlike IV and oral sedation, patients requiring general anesthesia are completely asleep and have little or no recollection of undergoing treatment.

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