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Reconstructive Dentistry Services

Whether you need teeth pulled, capped, crowned, or replaced, Los Angeles Dentists Group has in-house doctors that can perform these procedures. We specialize in full mouth restoration dentistry that can revitalize your smile or provide you with brand new artificial teeth.

For situations where the tooth is damaged but not dead, we can use a dental crown, inlay/onlay, or root canal to prevent further decay. But for more severe cases, additional procedures may be necessary.

When the tooth is completely unsalvageable or missing, we provide you with multiple options to fill the gap and complete your smile. Bridges are traditionally a good way to replace a missing tooth, but can present issues with cleaning or possibly harming healthy teeth. Modern prosthodontics utilizes dental implants or mini dental implants as the preferred method of tooth replacement.

This process involves implanting a titanium support bar into the jawbone and permanently attaching porcelain teeth. You don’t have to worry about needing special cleaning or removing retainers while you sleep.

Other less-intense forms of reconstructive dentistry include teeth night guards to prevent grinding, bleaching to restore color, and extractions of the tooth to eliminate pain.

It truly is a revolutionary period in the field of dentistry, where losing a tooth is more of an inconvenience than a permanent sentence. To learn more about our procedures and staff, contact Los Angeles Dentists Group to schedule a consultation or look at our photo galleries to view before and after pictures.