Patient Testimonials

Krista had Veneers placed after an accident

“I was very unhappy with my front teeth after a traumatic accident and with several doctors’ attempts to fix them. Dr. Meserkhani took his time with my treatment needs, which made me feel very special as I knew the work he was doing to save my teeth was not easy.

“Dr. Meserkhani was able to make my smile look very natural and more beautiful than before the accident.

“I would highly recommend him and his staff to anyone who can appreciate fabulous dental work.”

– Krista


Patient Testimonials - ShelbyShelby had a cavity filled and a crown replaced.

“I really enjoy Dr. Meserkhani’s personality. His work speaks for itself. He has a great location, a clean office and very friendly staff. I had some bad dental work in the past that he fixed for me. I will be a long-time patient.”

– Shelby


Patient Testimonials - ClellClell had a full-mouth reconstruction.

“I have had dental problems for most of my adult life, and the time had come to reconstruct my entire mouth. The task that confronted me was: ‘Where do I find a dentist with the qualifications to perform the extensive work required, and at what cost?’

“Dr. Meserkhani was the third of many dentists I interviewed. As I continued my search, I found myself using Dr. Meserkhani as the standard to compare all others to. At this juncture, I returned to his practice for a second interview, which assured me I had found the right doctor. The cost was also within my budget and comparable to all qualified others.

Patient Testimonial - Clell“Though the amount of work required was exhaustive, it all went extremely well, due to the high-tech procedures and instruments in the hands of the most qualified doctor, who was surrounded by a highly trained and efficient staff.

“I have now had ample time to chew the most difficult of foods and have been 100% successful, without exception. My new teeth feel natural, and my family and I think they look great.”

– Clell


Susan had crowns and veneers.

“I had an accident at a restaurant and broke my front teeth. It was a very traumatic and scary experience for me. My mother told me she was taking me to her new dentist, Dr. Meserkhani. He took me right in and reassured me that he would take care of me and that my teeth would look better than ever. And he was right. I was so relieved and reassured that Dr. Meserkhani took care of me immediately and put temporary teeth in. Later I got my beautiful permanent crowns.

“Then my molars became infected over the weekend. I can’t tell you how painful it was. Dr. Meserkhani took care of me right away Monday morning.

“I like Dr. Meserkhani, he’s friendly, very caring, very enthusiastic and very positive! He’s also very qualified, very knowledgeable and very dedicated.

“The staff are friendly and professional. There’s no waiting. The office is up-to-date with the latest high-tech equipment.

“I am so glad I went to Dr. Meserkhani. He helped me through some very scary dental emergencies. I’m grateful. Thank you Dr. Meserkhani and staff. You’re fabulous!”

– Susan


Patient Testimonials - JoeJoe had a full-mouth reconstruction, with crowns, bridges and implants on the top arch, and the Fix-on-Four procedure on the lower arch.

“I am very grateful for the full-mouth reconstruction that you have done for me. Before coming to your dental office, I had lost hope of chewing food, let alone ever smiling again. I am now doing a lot of both.

“You are not only the best in your fields, but also true artists in skill and temperament. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my life worth living again.”

– Joe


Jenna had emergency treatment

“I was in search of a dentist that could take me in for an emergency. I was in extreme pain and scared because of past experiences at previous dental offices. When I walked into Dr. Meserkhani’s office, I was welcomed by a friendly staff. I was immediately impressed with their professionalism and pleasant environment. I was seen the same day and he started treatment to stabilize me. The range of treatment I received in one office was very convenient. My level of sensitivity made it difficult for past dentists to complete work, but with Dr. Meserkhani all work was completed comfortably, with patience and precision.

“I am pain free and so very grateful and impressed by Dr. Meserkhani’s great expertise. I feel very lucky to have the piece of mind that comes with having him as my family’s dentist and would unhesitatingly recommend his services to anyone requiring any type of dental work.”

– Jenna


May had Full Mouth Reconstruction and Veneers.

“I had a tooth pain and I was concerned about the condition of my teeth underneath some veneers. Dr. Meserkhani was recommended to me.

“Dr. Meserkhani is easy to talk to and gives great patient care. He is straightforward about the status of your teeth and possible treatment. He is very thorough and doesn’t skip any steps. He explains the treatment plan clearly and is very knowledgeable. He makes sure that the patient is happy.

“The staff are nice and helpful and they make sure the patient is comfortable. The office is very professional and clean.

“I have no more dental pain, I am able to chew with both sides of my mouth and I can now smile in photos and know my teeth look nice. I have more confidence now!”

– May


Patient Testimonials - TobieTobie had gum recontouring, teeth whitening and crowns.

“My husband and I were referred to Dr. Meserkhani by a local dentist who had taken Dr. Meserkhani’s classes. The dental care that my husband needed was beyond the scope of the general dentist.

“After seeing the magic that Dr. Meserkhani performed on my husband, I knew he was the right doctor for me! My teeth were discolored, I had a space between my front teeth, and I also had large gums that showed when I smiled.

“I was previously insecure about my smile, but I now have beautiful teeth and a perfect gum line! Dr. Meserkhani has an excellent eye for individual aesthetics, and I now have confidence in my smile. His staff have always been warm, welcoming, cheerful and accommodating.”

– Tobie


Patient TestimonialsTom received crowns and dental implants.

“I like the personal interest and concern all the dentists show, and the full explanations of alternatives and specific recommendations. The office has a nice, natural and relaxed environment and the people are very friendly and professional.

“They have latest equipment and procedures – now also full service with implants and periodontal care. The work is beautiful. They are all specialists and know what they are doing.

“I get lots of comments on my “beautiful smile” teeth and smile. My crowns and implants are 100% serviceable with no problems.

“The procedure went great. I love my new teeth and they look and feel just like natural permanent teeth”

– Dr. Tom Morris


Patient TestimonialsRobert had received four implants to support a full bottom arch of teeth.

“The procedure I had done was four implants with a full arch of the bottom teeth. I had procrastinated for about four years due to fear of the procedure and pain. Now I finally feel whole again. There was minimal pain and I was only on medication for one day and then used over-the-counter medication as needed for about two days. If I had only known, I would have had this done years ago.

“I love my new smile and I now don’t have to be in constant fear that everyone around me will be seeing my broken and missing teeth. For the fist time in years I can chew with my whole mouth and not just my front teeth. My face is now normal and my cheeks are no longer sunken in. I can again be included in pictures with the family, which for years I have not been comfortable with. My biggest regret is that I had no pictures taken of me at my son’s wedding due to my teeth, I was so embarrassed.

“If you are considering this procedure do not wait, have it done right away. It has given me a new life.”

— Robert


Glenn received multiple dental implants.

“My overall experience with Dr. Meserkhani has been just fantastic. The procedures by Dr. Meserkhani at this facility have been breathtakingly simple. The implants went very smoothly, no complications. This is the best way to go.”

– Glenn


Lauren needed treatment for an infected root canal and also received cosmetic bonding to cover minor flaws.

“The staff is awesome, and the office is comfortable and clean and a friendly, family environment. With Dr. Meserkhani, I feel like I’m being taken care of in a calm environment. He is the best dentist ever!”

– Lauren


Mark needed bone grafts.

“I was referred to Dr. Meserkhani by Dr. Miller, and I appreciate how he goes over everything with you with a fine tooth comb. Dr. Meserkhani is very knowledgeable in his work and makes you feel comfortable. I now have a nice smile and no more dental pain.”

– Mark


Rebecca received a dental implant.

“I love everyone here! The office is very nice and clean, and the staff is happy. Dr. Meserkhani is great, very nice and professional. I can chew now, and I have nice teeth.”

– Rebecca


Esther received a dental implant and a bridge.

“Dr. Meserkhani, you and your staff are so wonderful, and I appreciate everything you did for me. My daughter, Jeanine and I would absolutely recommend you, because we are confident that you would do the same for other patients.

“I have been to many dentists in my lifetime, but never have I had such a wonderful experience. I know you went out of your way to accommodate me and did all my dental work, even though I was pressed for time because my husband and I had to make our flight back home to Tampa, Florida for the New Year. You promised you would have me done on time, and you delivered.

“My bridge and implant look awesome, and my friends say you did a wonderful job. I didn’t need to take even one pill for pain afterward! Not once! That was a bonus!”

– Esther

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